When do orders need to be placed?
Orders must be placed by 1PM local time to ensure shipment on the next available delivery date.
Will I be notified if my order includes special fees or charges?
Yes, on the shopping cart screen you will see a red alert notice indicating the source of the additional charges. These items will also appear as line items in your order summary.
Will I lose the items in my cart if I don't checkout?
Before logging off the system, you will have the option of saving your cart or exiting without saving. If you get timed out while ordering, all items will remain in your cart automatically. If you need to place an order for a second location the order for the current location will need to be submitted before changing locations.
Can I upload my order from an Excel spreadsheet?
Yes. Click on "Upload Items from Excel" in the lower right side navigation bar to access the template for uploading orders. Follow the on-screen instructions to load items into your cart.